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ALPHA-NAV AN5650NV OWNER’S MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Alpha-nav AN5650NV owner’s manual online. AN5650NV Car Navigation system pdf manual download. Remote Control Write on pdf with switch alpha 12 pen List TFT Monitor Operation.

Precautions To avoid the risk of injury or accident, read the following precautions before operating the unit. On safety Comply with your local traffic rules and regulations. While driving -You must not watch or operate the monitor. It may lead to distraction and cause an accident. Do not use the System Setup feature while driving, or perform any other function that could divert your attention from the road.

When you connect the backup camera: Watch the surroundings carefully for your safety. Do not depend on the back camera exclusively. Touch Screen Operation Most of the touch screen buttons operate this system. To prevent damage to the screen, lightly touch buttons on the screen with your finger.

When a button on the screen is touched, a beep sounds. Do not use other objects to touch the screen as it may cause damage to the LCD. Controls and Indicators Button Operation 1. VOL Rotate dial to adjust the volume. Press to turn “ON” the unit. Press and hold to turn “OFF” the unit.

Short press when the unit is “ON” to put the system in “Mute”. TFT monitor will automatically switch to the camera input source. NOTE: Rear Camera sold separately. Please contact your Alpha-Nav Dealer to inquire about the rear camera. Adjustable Parameters Parameter Adjustment Procedure 1. Small blue dots in the lower center of the screen indicate which screen you are in.

VOL- buttons on the remote control. The volume ranges from “0” to “40”. Audio Equalizer Control Menu The Audio Equalizer Control feature allows you to easily adjust your audio system to meet the acoustical characteristics of your vehicle, which vary depending on the type of vehicle and its measurements. System Reset To correct a system halt or other unusual operation, use the tip of a pen to press the RESET button located on the front top-left corner of the unit. After a system reset, the unit restores the settings before last power off.

Mute Press the MUTE button on the remote to mute the volume from the unit. System Settings Enter the System Settings program menu by touching SYSTEM. In system settings, there are options such as TS Calibrate, set password, Parental control, Factory default. To begin calibration, press and hold the crosshair for one second until the crosshair moves to the upper left quadrant.

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