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Without consulting my father, Mom authorized the vet to operate on an unknown dog we weren’t even sure would live. Who moved my cheese ebook pdf was an expensive operation. And that was just the beginning of concerns. After the surgery and a day’s rest, the vet wanted the German shepherd off his hands.

Where would we take him? The only dog I ever had was Muffy. But we four kids pleaded so earnestly that we wore him down. Muff was a mutt—part Maltese and part ? But she was instantly a special part of the family. She hated getting bathed—but was at her most playful immediately afterward. In 1977, while my mother was on a trip to Scotland and my father on business in Alaska, we three younger kids were farmed out to stay with family.

Nels held the fort at home in California. One day, he came home to find Muffy licking a wound in her side. It didn’t look too bad, but he decided to take her to the vet. It was actually a deep puncture, most likely a bite from a big dog.

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