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Please forward this error screen to 209. JCV found in healthy individuals. It is thought that these differences in promoter sequence contribute to the fitness of the virus in the CNS and thus to the development of PML. Certain transcription warning if there’s a virus in a pdf present in the early promoter sequences of the JC virus can induce trophism and viral proliferation that leads to PML.

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The Spi-B factor was shown to be crucial in initiating viral replication in certain strains of transgenic mice. DNA replication for the virus as well as performing a transcriptional switch to allow for the formation of the various capsid and regulatory proteins needed for viral fitness. Further research is needed to determine the exact etiological role of T-antigen, but there seems to be a connection to the early initiation of the active virus from its archetypal dormant state. Immunodeficiency or immunosuppression allows JCV to reactivate. Whether this represents the reactivation of JCV within the CNS or seeding of newly reactivated JCV via blood or lymphatics is unknown.

PML pathogenesis, recent literature has identified viral variants as etiological agents of other novel syndromes. JC variant with a mutation in the VP1 coding region. Analysis of the JCVM variant revealed archetype-like regulatory regions with no mutations in coding sequences. The precise molecular mechanisms mediating JCV meningeal tropism remains to be found. JCV in childhood or adolescence. It is found in high concentrations in urban sewage worldwide, leading some researchers to suspect contaminated water as a typical route of infection. JC virus samples has been useful in tracing the history of human migration.