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The name came from voyages in english grade 8 pdf position to the east of the parish. While no historically significant events have taken place in Eastcote, there are links to past events in the history of Britain. 12,142 for the Eastcote and East Ruislip ward in 2007. Ruislip, along with Westcot and Norwood.

Ascot, in the east, became what is now Eastcote. Highgrove House was built in the 18th century. The Hawtrey family moved to Eastcote around 1525 after Ralph Hawtrey married Winifred Walleston. She lived in a cottage named “Hopkyttes”, which the couple moved into and renamed Eastcote House. John, without applying for a licence from the manor, as was the custom at the time.

After his death in 1593, his nephew Ralph Hawtrey applied for the licence, which was approved. Ruislip commemorates her heroic act. In 1565, a land survey was completed which recorded 62 houses in Eastcote, of which four were ruined. Lady Alice lived at Harefield Place, and purchased the land on which the hall was built from the Haydon family. The family appear in parish records from 1394 until 1562 when they sold a house on the site of Haydon Hall to William Nicholas. 18th century but was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1879. Eastcote was a small community with around 120 cottages and a population of around 600 people.

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The extension of the railway brought with it a substantial number of travellers seeking a day out in the countryside. The tea garden of the Old Barn House became popular with visitors to the area, as were cottages including The Rosery and Orchard Farm which served refreshments. In 1914, the Cavendish Pavilion was built as a private sports ground. The railway halt was rebuilt as a station in 1939.

Hawtrey family’s land, which included Eastcote House and its grounds, with the plan for the new Eastcote Park Estate. Council in 1937 for public use. Haydon Hall was purchased by the local council in 1936 after the death of its owner, Mrs Bennett-Edwards. The Cavendish Pavilion opened as a private sports ground in 1914. Eastcote House was used to house the local branch of the Food Control Office, in charge of issuing ration books. In 1952, a number of new houses were built by Wimpeys Ltd in Newnham Avenue for the Ruislip-Northwood Urban District Council as part of their “no fines” scheme.