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Earlier this year, in conjunction with the release of the new Form I-uscis gov sites default files files form i 9 pdf, U. 13, but it is not clear when this new version of the M-274 was made available to the public. If my employee presents a Social Security card that is laminated or is unsigned, may I accept such a card as evidence of employment authorization? You may accept a laminated or unsigned Social Security card as long as the card reasonably appears to be genuine and to relate to the person presenting it.

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However, the Social Security Administration advises cardholders not to laminate Social Security cards. Metal or plastic reproductions of Social Security cards are not acceptable for Form I-9 purposes. Social Security cards unless the back of the card stated that it could not be laminated. However, the removal of this question leaves unclear whether employers may accept unsigned cards. Therefore, clarification on this issue is being requested from USCIS. List A under I-9 Section 2 has three sections for employers to provide information, rather than two sections.