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July 2010 to replace a translator that had served the area since the 1980s. 1979 to the mid-1990s, when it rebranded itself as “University of North Carolina Television”. UNC-TV operates twelve stations unc charlotte campus map pdf relay its programming across the entire state as well as into portions of Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina. Carolina, followed by a letter assigned sequentially in the order in which it was activated, except for the first station.

WUND-TV formerly used the callsign WUNB-TV from its 1965 sign-on to 1967. Portsmouth television market, which includes several northeastern North Carolina counties. North Carolina Channel has since replaced UNC-MX on Time Warner Cable systems. Prior to November 1, 2009, the third subchannel was named UNC-NC. An alternate configuration is used for WUNE, WUNM, WUNP, and WUNW.

On June 15, 2010, UNC-KD switched subchannels with UNC-EX on the four stations previously mentioned, which transferred UNC-KD’s must-carry status to UNC-EX. UNC-TV’s studios in RTP, a connection inherited by Charter when it merged with Time Warner Cable in 2016. UNC-MX features a mix of how-to and public affairs programs, along with encore presentations of programs originally broadcast on the primary UNC-TV channel. Cable providers which rely on off-air reception for broadcast stations are limited to the four-channel lineup.

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