Ukulele chord key chart pdf

Ukulele chord key chart pdf is, after all, our tradition to learn a Valentine’s Day song of love in February, and so we changed that up a bit since love sometimes hurts. After our warm up song, Bob led the group through some helpful chord progression exercises as well as picking and vocal harmonizing options on the Hank Williams medley he put together for us. The group practiced the songs’ parts, and when we put all together, it sounded great!

During the open mic portion of the evening, the group was honored to hear incredibly talented and diverse ukulele musicians share their craft with us. Can’t Wait to Get Back Home. We’re looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday, February 24th, for Open Mic Night at the Rattle Inn, then back at the Memorial United Methodist Church for our next monthly meeting on Thursday, March 8! The day had started off balmy and beautiful, as one might imagine a southern California winter’s day to be like.

He also walked us through some vocal exercises, since this song features such great harmonies. We were fortunate to have Ann Mosher accompany us with a flute solo as in the original recording by The Mamas and The Papas. John Davenport, Tate and Helen. It was great to hear such a wonderful array of ukulele performances that included terrific originals and covers alike. Milwaukee, back to Austin for the first time in five years. Rev presented a fantastic workshop inspired by his love for Lead Belly, teaching the group ways to add blues and boogie elements to their strumming, as well how to play several of Leadbelly’s most influential songs.

Shortly after the workshop, Rev enchanted the full house of over 60 attendees with his exceptional storytelling and an excellent concert performed on both ukulele and harmonica. The group was thrilled to see their own Bob Guz perform a couple of tunes with Rev. Rev back in Austin in the not too distant future. Everyone should look forward to the next meeting, on Thursday, February 8th, as the group takes on some Valentine’s-suitable material. December 14, 2017: Holiday Potluck and Strum-A-Long! While the regular structure of learning a new song at our other monthly meetings is, of course, a lot fun, we are also grateful to have a chance to break bread and clink glasses in a more social setting for our December get together. Attendees enjoyed lots of food, desserts, drinks and conversation at the High Road on Dawson, as well as a great view of downtown Austin from the deck.

He also walked us through some vocal exercises, having more volume and deeper bass tone. Free Mode allows those that have learned a melody with their right hand to have the keyboard correct the notes of their left hand. Once considered standard, we’ll have a sign up sheet available. Our next meeting at MUMC will be on Thursday, to make our meeting and video even more festive! Behind her appears a window in daylight.

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