The winter”s tale shakespeare pdf

This article is about Shakespeare’s play. Act II, scene 3: Antigonus swears his loyalty to The winter’s tale shakespeare pdf, in an attempt to save Leontes’ young daughter’s life. The virtuous and beautiful Queen of Sicily. Paulina’s husband, and also a loyal friend of Hermione.

The young prince of Sicily, Leontes and Hermione’s son. His ship takes Antigonus to Bohemia. Polixenes’s only son and heir. The daughter of Leontes and Hermione, unaware of her royal lineage. An old and honorable sheep-tender. Young Shepherd, the Old Shepherd’s buffoonish son, and Perdita’s adopted brother. A roguish peddler, vagabond, and pickpocket.

A shepherdess, in love with Young Shepherd. A lord of Bohemia, visiting Sicilia with his king. An ink drawing of Act II, Scene iii: Paulina imploring Leontes to have mercy on his daughter, Perdita. Illustration was designed for an edition of Lamb’s Tales, copyrighted 1918. Polixenes is visiting the kingdom of Sicilia, and is enjoying catching up with his old friend. However, after nine months, Polixenes yearns to return to his own kingdom to tend to affairs and see his son. Leontes desperately attempts to get Polixenes to stay longer, but is unsuccessful.

Leontes then decides to send his wife, Queen Hermione, to try to convince Polixenes. Hermione agrees and with three short speeches is successful. Leontes is puzzled as to how Hermione convinced Polixenes so easily, and Leontes suddenly goes insane and suspects that his pregnant wife has been having an affair with Polixenes and that the child is Polixene’s. Leontes orders Camillo, a Sicilian Lord, to poison Polixenes. Camillo instead warns Polixenes and they both flee to Bohemia. Furious at their escape, Leontes now publicly accuses his wife of infidelity, and declares that the child she is bearing must be illegitimate.