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Grandiose narcissists exhibited high present hedonistic orientation. Vulnerable narcissists showed higher level of past negative. Vulnerable narcissists showed higher the time paradox zimbardo pdf of present fatalistic.

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Vulnerable narcissists manifested less balanced time perspective. Previous investigations showed that there are significant differences between grandiose and vulnerable narcissism. The two forms of narcissism were associated with different TP profiles. Specifically, grandiose narcissists exhibited high present hedonistic orientation. This result was significant after controlling for extraversion, and was consistent with grandiose narcissists’ tendency toward risk-taking, impulsive behavior, and little consideration for future consequences. Vulnerable narcissists showed higher levels of past negative, present fatalistic and present hedonistic TPs. Moreover, when the two types of narcissism have been analyzed together in one model as predictors of hedonism, only grandiose narcissism predicted hedonistic orientation.

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