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Physiological and behavioral parameters were determined in 27 horses to identify potential indicators of postoperative pain following exploratory celiotomy for colic. 30 h after entry into a stall in the equine intensive care unit of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Washington State University. Physiological data included: heart rate, respiratory the tail joyce hansen pdf, and plasma cortisol concentration. For the entire period of observation the surgery group had significantly higher plasma cortisol concentration and significantly elevated heart rate compared to the Control and Anesthesia groups, which did not differ for either variable.

Time budgets for the Control and Anesthesia groups did not differ in the time spent in locomotor activities and both groups spent significantly more time in locomotion than the Surgery group. Surgery group displayed painful behavior was small compared to the amount of time with no movement. The NRS scores substantiated the video taped behavioral data with significantly different scores for the Surgery group versus the Control and Anesthesia groups for multi-factor ratings of body posture and response to stimuli. We conclude that reduced locomotion, elevated plasma cortisol concentration, and elevated heart rate are potential indicators of postoperative pain in horses. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

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