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Prices are sometimes quoted in terms of vouchers such as trading stamps and air miles. In many financial transactions, it is customary to quote prices in other ways. The total amount of interest payable depends upon credit risk, the loan amount and the the price of the ticket pdf of the loan.

Other examples can be found in pricing financial derivatives and other financial assets. For instance the price of inflation-linked government securities in several countries is quoted as the actual price divided by a factor representing inflation since the security was issued. Supply and demand, and hence price, may be influenced by other factors, such as government subsidy or manipulation through industry collusion. This essentially states that the cost difference between the locations cannot be greater than that representing shipping, taxes, other distribution costs and more. As William Barber put it, human volition, the human subject, was “brought to the centre of the stage” by marginalist economics, as a bargaining tool. Neoclassical economists sought to clarify choices open to producers and consumers in market situations, and thus “fears that cleavages in the economic structure might be unbridgeable could be suppressed”. This would then result in a much more realistic theory of price and of real behavior in response to prices.

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