The gentle art of making enemies sheet music pdf

This article is about the comic strip creature. The popular character has gone on to influence pop culture, language and even science. It has smooth skin, eyebrows and sparse whiskers—but no arms, nose or ears. It has a the gentle art of making enemies sheet music pdf gamut of facial expressions and often expresses love by exuding hearts over its head.

They require no sustenance other than air. Shmoos are delicious to eat, and are eager to be eaten. If a human looks at one hungrily, it will happily immolate itself — either by jumping into a frying pan, after which they taste like chicken, or into a broiling pan, after which they taste like steak. When roasted they taste like pork, and when baked they taste like catfish.

Their pelts make perfect bootleather or house timber, depending on how thick one slices it. They have no bones, so there’s absolutely no waste. In short, they are simply the perfect ideal of a subsistence agricultural herd animal. Naturally gentle, they require minimal care, and are ideal playmates for young children.

Some of the more tasty varieties of shmoo are more difficult to catch. Usually shmoo hunters, now a sport in some parts of the country, utilize a paper bag, flashlight and stick to capture their shmoos. At night the light stuns them, then they can be whacked in the head with the stick and put in the bag for frying up later on. This character is never seen again. There, against the frantic protestations of a naked, heavily bearded old man who shepherds the shmoos, Abner befriends the strange and charming creatures.

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