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The use of the mythical creatures mermaids also create connotations for the reader of death, as mermaids are seen as luring men in with false beauty only then to drag them down to the depths of the ocean. Furthermore it was said to have formed when a dead or man was hanged and his semen dripped onto the ground, and in some accounts forming a soulless woman. Additionally the use of end stopped lines reiterates each of the imperatives used by Donne, making each of them stand out making them appear even more impossible, reaffirming his attitude to women. Donne arguably intends the poem to be a Satire, as he uses biting irony for comical effect, usually sarcasm as a way to expose and humiliate women.

Poems like song frequently lead critics and readers to accuse Donne of unmitigated cynicism. This is apparent in all however it is only in stanza two where we are made apparent to the subject matter, woman. Prior to this we are just told about the and only now are we told that the virtuous woman is also seen as impossibility to Donne. Donne uses unmitigated cynicism as he is saying that there is no woman, nowhere which is both virtuous.