Spring into action 2.0 pdf

Some hello world spring into action 2.0 pdf to quick start Spring MVC framework. Maps the requested URL to the name of the cocntroller. Uses convention to map the requested URL to Controller. Allow developer to specify the mapping of URL patterns and handler mappings explicitly.

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If multiple view handler mappings are applied, you have to declare priority to avoid conflict issue. Controller class to handle the web request. Group related actions into a single controller class. Puts view beans in XML file. If multiple view resolver strategies are applied, you have to declare priority to avoid conflict issue. Form handling in Spring MVC.

Form handling in Spring MVC, XML based version. Form handling in Spring MVC, annotation version. Design Pattern is the common solution for this duplicated form submission problem. A view which redirect to another absolute, context relative, or current request relative URL. How to handle multipage forms or wizard form.

Render HTML form’s components via Spring’s form tag. HTML dropdown box, multiple select box and listbox. Integrate Spring MVC with others. Using ROME to generate RSS feed from Spring MVC. Using JAXB to generate XML output from Spring MVC. Using Jackson to generate JSON output from Spring MVC.

Example to integrate Log4j into the Spring MVC application. This view resolver let you determine which view resolver will be returned, base on reuqested file extension. Exception handling in Spring MVC. Intercept web request through handler interceptors.