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Table of Contents Introduction . The propeller may throw such materials into prior to installation of the engine. Failure to do so may your eyes. Securely tighten the propeller nut against the washer and propeller.

Attached you will find an exploded view Always use common sense, skill and constant obser- of Zenoah engines, as well as a chart including part vance of safety precautions. This will assist you in easily and rapidly identifying the respective parts of your Zenoah engine. Check the condition of the plug cap for cracks Zenoah engines are equipped with the ultra compact or breaks. Use a Zenoah quality 2-stroke oil mixed at 32 to 1. Use the recommended spark plugs. Use the proper propeller size and balance the pro- The engine can be disassembled or reassembled without peller prior to use.

Remove the rotor by using the puller. Permatex increase the runout of the shaft. Eye Checking At the skirt end and the right angle to the ø31. Troubleshooting Guide for Gasoline Engines Generally speaking, there are very few things that will installed. Should the engine fail to start after these items keep today’s modern engines from starting. Use good are verified, refer to the charts on the following page.

Remember, it’s imperative to balance each propeller prior to installation onto your Zenoah engine. Failure to do so may cause unwanted vibration in your aircraft. Index Index Index unit unit unit No. Description unit Description unit No. Attn: Zenoah Service Please include your card number and expiration date. 10 days of purchase to: Horizon Service Center Attn: Zenoah Warranty Dept. Copyright 2003, Horizon Hobby, Inc.

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