Solar charge controller circuit pdf

One year ago, I began building my own solar system to provide power for my village house. Initially I made a LM317 based charge controller and an Energy meter for monitoring the system. Finally I made PWM solar charge controller circuit pdf controller.

In April-2014 I posted my PWM solar charge controller designs on the web,it became very popular. Lots of people all over the world have built their own. So many students have made it for their college project by taking help from me. I got several mails every day from people with questions regarding hardware and software modification for different rated solar panel and battery. A very large percentage of the emails are regarding the modification of charge controller for a 12Volt solar system. To solve this problem I made this new version charge controller so that any one can use it without changing the hardware and software.

I combine both the energy meter and charge controller in this design. 20×4 character LCD display for displaying voltages,current,power,energy and temperature. The heart of of the charge controller is Arduino nano board. The arduino MCU senses the solar panel and battery voltages. According to this voltages it decides how to charge the battery and control the load.

The amount of charging current is determined by difference between battery voltage and charge set point voltages. The controller uses two stages charging algorithm. The frequency of PWM signal is 490. The full schematic is attached bellow.

The charge controller is designed by taking care of the following points. To limit the energy supplied to the battery by the solar panel when the battery becomes fully charged. To disconnect the battery from electrical loads when the battery reaches low state of charge. To automatically connect and disconnect an electrical load at a specified time.

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