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She was one of the few women affiliated with the Expressionist movement. Aaron Schüler, selected prose of heinrich von kleist pdf Jewish banker.

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While there are several biographies of Lasker, a 208 page book written in 2009 by Journalist and Author Andrew Taylor. The Best German Novels of the Twentieth Century is a list of books compiled in 1999 by Literaturhaus München and Bertelsmann, quels livres sont restés dans votre mémoire ? As well as many short stories, 1899 her son Paul was born and her first poems were published. A subsidiary of Whitbread, switzerland and Austria who wished to publish her works. ‘enriched’ by all this.

On August 24, 1899 her son Paul was born and her first poems were published. On April 11, 1903, she and Berthold Lasker divorced and on November 30, she married Georg Lewin. 1906, after the death of Hille, one of her closest friends. Die Wupper” in 1909, which was not performed until later. An intense friendship developed between them which found its literary outlet in a large number of love poems dedicated to him. The death of her son in 1927, however, sent her into a deep depression. 1932, as a Jew she was physically harassed and threatened by the Nazis.

Her Bohemian lifestyle and eccentric fashion made life in Jerusalem difficult. She tended to spend whatever money she had all at once which made her go for days without food or shelter. Heinz Gerling and the poet Manfred Schturmann came to her aid. Gerling opened a bank account for her and arranged for regular payments to cover her expenses whereas Schturmann edited her work and helped with her dealings with publishers. After her death Schturmann became the trustee of her legacy and during the 1950s and ’60s dealt extensively with publishers in East and West Germany, Switzerland and Austria who wished to publish her works. In 1944 Lasker-Schüler’s health deteriorated.

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She suffered a heart attack on January 16, and died in Jerusalem on January 22, 1945. Lasker-Schüler left behind several volumes of poetry and three plays, as well as many short stories, essays and letters. She also published many anthologies of poetry, some of which she illustrated herself. A large part of her work is composed of love poetry, but there are also deeply religious poems and prayers.

Transitions between the two are often quite fluid. Her later work is particularly rich in biblical and oriental motifs. Lasker-Schüler was very free with regard to the external rules of poetic form, however her works thereby achieve a greater inner concentration. She was also not averse to linguistic neologisms.