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Howard and her father was Matthew R. She was a descendant on her mother’s side from the Howards, one of the most cultured families of Georgia. As a young girl in 19th-century America, she received little in the way of a formal education. However, she became a voracious reader at an early age. Her father suffered bankruptcy and lost the family’s Sherwood Hall property in the 1840s. Had her mother not been cultivated and literary, Evans could never have obtained the education which fitted her for the work she later accomplished.

San Antonio, furnished an excellent theme for Evans’ first novel. It told the story of one orphan’s spiritual journey from religious skepticism to devout faith. She presented the manuscript to her father as a Christmas gift in 1854. It was published anonymously in 1855. It sold well, selling over 22,000 copies during its first year of publication, a staggering accomplishment. It established her as Alabama’s first professional author. Wilson became a staunch Southern patriot.

The hospital was dubbed Camp Beulah by local admirers in honor of her novel. Southern values as they were at that time. She sent a copy of this book with a letter to the publishers through the blockade. It was entered according to the Confederate States of America, and dedicated to the brave soldiers of the Southern army. Some portions of the manuscript were scribbled in pencil while sitting up with the sick soldiers in “Camp Beulah” near Mobile. In some way, a Northern publisher obtained a copy, published it but swore he would pay no royalty to so “arch a rebel. Derby expostulated with him, and finally secured a contract by which the author would receive a set amount on every copy sold.

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General George Henry Thomas, commander of the Union Army in Tennessee, confiscated copies and had the books burned. In 1878, the home was purchased by Captain and Mrs. It featured sexual tension between the protagonist St. Elmo, who was cynical, and the heroine Edna Earl, who was beautiful and devout. It became one of the most popular novels of the 19th century. Towns, hotels, steamboats and plantations were named after it, and the author was recompensed with large financial returns. The “high flown” language in which it was written, and the rare literary attainments of the little barefoot heroine drew forth severe criticism, and some one even ventured on a parody, “St.

1868, she married Confederate veteran Colonel Lorenzo Madison Wilson, becoming Augusta Evans Wilson, the name by which she is remembered by literary posterity. He was 27 years her senior. Colonel Wilson acquired wealth in banking, railroads, and wholesale groceries. Federal occupation of Mobile too warmly.