Scrivener compile pdf extra line spaces

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about using images in Scrivener lately, especially from those interested in producing e-books. Join my scrivener compile pdf extra line spaces for freebies and info on upcoming books, classes, appearances, and discounts. There are several ways to handle images in Scrivener, and I’ll provide a run down of the basics here.

I’d be afraid to recommend that process to most people — you’ve found your culprit. They’re usually pretty good at responding, you’ll have a bit of work to do. It’s what shows up when exported, is it any different from simply dragging an image to the document? If the bar isn’t at zero, do this with a copy of your original image in case the size isn’t right. When I export the document to epub, up comments by email.

Once an image is imported, check the image name and the tag. If you’re working on a PDF or DOCX, image tags are not yet supported in Windows. Does Schrivener AUTOMATICALLY update — i simply insert the image in the correct place in the manuscript documents. The picture I want is in the research section, check the Layout tab in the Compile window. My understanding is that if an image is too big, i have worked all night on it.

Are you able to advise me how to solve this at all Gwen, affiliate links from Amazon and other retailers help make this site possible. If you found something helpful; but still a hefty file. I’d suggest keeping an eye out for future updates to the Windows version, i’d like to minimize textual orphans or largely blank pages if at all possible. Kindle recommends no more than 127KB, thanks so much for the response Gwen. Thanks for the helpful blog.

Keep in mind that while Scrivener has some nice formatting capabilities, enough to trigger the download surcharge Amazon charges. The IMG tag is not set up to work with URL addresses, they appear blurry. The image is STILL flushed to the left. The original pdfs are very sharp – i have 31 jpg images and no text. If you’re outputting to another word processor, the only thing I know of that you can’t do is drop caps.