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Congressional authority by this decision, it aroused public outrage, deepened sectional tensions between the northern and southern U. It is not clear whether Dred was his given name or a shortened form of Etheldred. The Blows gave up farming in 1830 and moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where they ran a boarding house. Dred Scott was sold to Dr. After Scott learned he would be sold to Dr. His decision to do so was spurred by a distaste he had previously developed for Dr.

Eventually, he was captured in the “Lucas Swamps” of Missouri and taken back. Blow died in 1832, and historians debate whether Scott was sold to Emerson before or after Blow’s death. Some believe that Scott was sold in 1831, while others point to a number of slaves in Blow’s estate who were sold to Emerson after Blow’s death, including one with a name given as Sam, who may be the same person as Scott. As an army officer, Dr. Emerson moved frequently, taking Scott with him to each new army posting.

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