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The addition of an entirely fictional heroic German officer to the ship’s crew was intended to demonstrate the superior bravery and selflessness of German men as compared to the British officers. Although the film had a brief theatrical run in parts of German-occupied Europe starting in November 1943, saving capitalism robert reich pdf was not shown within Germany by order of Goebbels, who feared that it would weaken the German citizenry’s morale instead of improving it.

Goebbels later banned the playing of the film entirely, and it did not have a second run. Peterson manages to rescue many passengers, convince Sigrid to get into a lifeboat, and saves a young girl, who was obviously left to die in her cabin by her uncaring capitalist parents. An epilogue states that “the deaths of 1,500 people remain un-atoned, forever a testament of Britain’s endless quest for profit. The ship had been turned into a floating prison and filled with Jewish prisoners that the Nazis had put there in hopes that the ship would be destroyed by the British.

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Goebbels, despite the mounting costs and the drain on the wartime German economy. Goebbels, since the Propaganda Minister had personally chosen Selpin to direct his propaganda epic. Within 24 hours of his arrest, Selpin was found hanged in his jail cell, which was ruled a suicide. However, in reality, Goebbels had arranged for Selpin to be hanged and the hanging framed as a suicide. The cast and crew were angry at the attempt to cover up Selpin’s obvious murder and attempted to retaliate, but Goebbels countered them by issuing a proclamation stating that anyone who shunned Zerlett-Olfenius, who had reported Selpin, would answer to him personally. It is said to be the most expensive film of its time. Undermining the intended effect were the scenes of British and French panic and desperation.

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