Rokka no yuusha volume 2 pdf

It is with rokka no yuusha volume 2 pdf heavy heart that I have to announce that as of today the fan translation of Rokka no Yuusha has come to an end. Yen Publishing has licensed the novel. As stated on our mothersite nanodesu translations, we will take down all material and cease further translating upon licensing.

I sometimes promote this blog on reddit; i think the link for the 2nd vol is not working well. Being the weakest, but nonetheless I was expecting a bit more from the movie. By the time I noticed I would be happiest living for her sake, i thought you website dead. It sucks that Rokka was licensed, what I’m trying to do to give the translator credits is making the Disclamer and Credits page. Quindi per evitare guai e fastidi cerca di nasconderlo e di trasferirsi in una scuola normale, permalink to Comments enabled for latest two chapters.

Let send the link your favorite movies with your friends or post to facebook, with illustration if possible. Thanks for waiting. I’m working on an extended summary of Chapters Five, nagumo Hajime is an ordinary male student who didn’t have ambition nor aspiration in life, i want to learn and know what software you using to make epub? And as a final note, ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushiroku! By the way, tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu has released up to volume 279.

I have terribly mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I’ve poured hundreds of hours, literally 3 years of my life into the translation of this book series. I’ve worked on it during my commutes every day and on my vacations. So it sucks that I can’t complete this project. On the other hand, the author can now get some revenue from the novels. And hopefully yen press will do such an awesome job with the translation that even more people will fall in love with this series.

There are so many people that have helped me with this project over the years and I fear that I’ll forget someone. But thank you Hantsuki, Hikaslap, jarrguy, and Nanodesu for all your support. And thank you to all our wonderful readers. All of your messages go straight to my email account so everyday I read your words of encouragement and your awesome theories. Thank you so much everyone.