Roadmap of northwest dc pdf

Drivers and barriers to Roadmap of northwest dc pdf in the U. Chain-of-custody issues and future SJF market share projections are examined.

Airlines are perceived to be the predominant driver of SJF in the PNW region. Blended SJF logistics issues are complex and misperceptions may be widespread. GHG emissions while meeting a growing demand for international air travel. This paper measures and ranks perceived drivers and barriers to an economically viable SJF industry in a unique U.

In addition to providing a fertile arena for this first effort to systematically assess these drivers and barriers, the U. Important perceived barriers to SJF industry scale-up in the U. PNW include the high production costs of SJF and related issues, such as fuel logistics and quality control in the transport, storage, and blending of SJFs. Perceptions around chain-of-custody issues, such as blending, tracking, and crediting of SJFs and future SJF market share projections for the year 2030 were also examined. Incorporating stakeholder input into discussions about adding blended SJF into the U.

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