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In 1886, the southern railroads agreed to coordinate changing gauge on all their tracks. By June 1886, all major railroads in North America were using approximately the same gauge. The 1880s saw the spread of electric based lighting with large utilities and manufacturing companies supplying it. 1880s, alternating current could be stepped up in voltage for long range transmission and stepped down again for domestic use, making it a much more efficient transmission standard now directly competing with DC for the indoor lighting market. AC, with its more economic transmission would prevail, supplanting DC. Several manufacturers introduced musical boxes that utilised interchangeable steel disks that carried the tune.

This assured that once the purchaser had bought his music box, he had to buy the music discs from the same manufacturer. The agreed-upon format was a roll 11. This allowed any roll of music to be played in any player piano, regardless of who manufactured it. As the music played, the paper winds onto the lower roll from the upper roll, which means any text or song lyrics printed on the rolls is read from the bottom to the top. 1888 he introduced the wax “Edison cylinder” as the standard record format.

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