Recursive functions for quadratic tables pdf

Standard methods for recursive models with continuous endogenous variables are extended to models with categorical endogenous variables. The concept of a reduced-form equation is generalized in a natural way to cover nonlinear regression functions and, in particular, models with categorical endogenous variables. Maximum-likelihood estimation and asymptotic chi-square recursive functions for quadratic tables pdf are described. Two numerical examples are presented: a linear recursive two-equation model for all-categorical data, and a combined linear and logit three-equation recursive model with both categorical and continuous endogenous variables.

Limitations of the present work and directions for further extension are noted. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. 1983 Published by Elsevier Inc. GARCH combination using only past data. Forecasting horizons from 10 min to 6 h. Heteroskedasticity of the time series of the clear sky index.

Estimation of the parameters with a recursive least square method. Forecasting of the solar irradiance is a key feature in order to increase the penetration rate of solar energy into the energy grids. Indeed, the anticipation of the fluctuations of the solar renewables allows a better management of the production means of electricity and a better operation of the grid-connected storage systems. If numerous methods for forecasting the mean of the solar irradiance were recently developed, there are only few works dedicated to the evaluation of prediction intervals associated to these point forecasts. Time series of solar irradiance and more specifically of clear sky index show some similarities with that of financial time series.

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In addition, a recursive estimation of the parameters of the models has been set up in order to provide a framework that can be applied easily in an operational context. A comprehensive testing procedure has been used to assess both point forecasts and probabilistic forecasts. Using only the past records of the solar irradiance, the proposed model is able to perform point forecasts as accurately as other methods based on machine learning techniques. GARCH model is easier to set-up and it gives additional information about the uncertainty of the forecasts.

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