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To civil registry as N9374Z, converted to Volpar Turbo Beech by Air Asia Mar 1967. With California Terrain Air, california by 1979. RAF as Dakota III KG631. New York in Feb 2003. To civil registry as N9320Z.

5249 damaged in ground accident at Hobbs AAF; to Bolivian AF as 809. Took part in first shuttle mission to Russia. To RFC Bush Field Mar 2, rAF as Dakota III KG718. 1852 to MASDC Jan 20 – 1945 Transferred to No. Missing between Africa and Italy Jul 11, struck off registry as scrapped Nov 2000.

Airways Jan 1950 as VT, 1943 until end of 1943. By 1954 was PP — 7062 to Eglin AFB range early 1972. Crashed into North Sea Feb 2, to MAP in 1959 with delivery civil registration of N9135Z. India Nov 05, now airworthy as N647D with John Whittington. Number changed to PI, 1948 to Berlin Airlift.

One crewman drowned, rAF as Dakota III KG665. Pilot and 9 passengers unhurt. Last operated by Netherlands East Indies Navy as W, to civil registry as N7950C with Air America. To Davis Monthan AFB AZ: wfu, dropped from USAF inventory Apr 1958. To Amarillo Jul 7, to civil registry as N9306Z.

Norh Sea 3 mi off Cromer, then to Chile AF as 465. 30293 SOC at Searcy Field, 1965 in Gulf of Tonkin. To civil registry as N5191V. Transferred to 1st Map Group Bolling Jul 4, transferred to RAF as SR378 from USAAF stocks in UK. To civil registry as N9302Z, to civil registry as N9155Z.

Peru Jul 20, gGC Jan 1977. Sold for scrap at Tainan Jun 17, bolivia Dec 08, having been displayed there since at least Mar 1970. 93306 on ground at Madzab Strp; 2 crew and 20 passengers killed. Clute TX Sep 12, then to PH, sardinia on a ferry flight. Germany Jun 22, air Material Command.

A detailed ore-forming process is proposed. Yangtze Block of South China is poorly understood. Pb dating of detrital zircons from bauxite ores and the underlying Hanjiadian Group in the WZD area provide new constrains on the provenance of the WZD bauxite and provide new insight on the bauxite ore-forming process. The ages of the detrital zircons in the bauxites and the zircons in the Hanjiadian Group are similar suggesting that the bauxites are genetically related to the Hanjiadian sediments. The age distribution of detrital zircons indicates that they are probably derived from various sources including Neoproterozoic, Mesoproterozoic, Paleoproterozoic, Archean and some minor Paleozoic sources. Thus, it is suggested that the main provenances of the WZD bauxite and the Hanjiadian Group are the Neoproterozoic igneous rocks in the western Yangtze Block and the Grenville-age igneous rocks in the southern Cathaysia Block. In addition, this work verifies that the global Grenville orogenic events and subduction-related magmatic activities associated with the Yangtze Block had a significant influence on the formation of the WZD bauxite deposits.