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Coca-Cola takes a proactive approach to corporate environmental responsibility. Visit our website to product life cycle of coca cola pdf more about our environmental efforts and programs.

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We have a long history of designing packages with the environment in mind. In 1969, our Company commissioned the first study to examine the whole environmental impact of a package, laying the framework for the life cycle assessment methodology used today. Our focus on life-cycle management has helped us sustain the use of high value recyclable materials and reusable packages. The materials are 100 percent recyclable. The remaining 15 percent of beverage volume is largely delivered through highly efficient bulk package systems such as refillable steel tanks or concentrated bag-in-box containers for fountain syrup. We are advancing sustainable design efforts through an initiative known as e3, which focuses on improving efficiency, life-cycle effectiveness and eco-innovation.

Introduced in 2000, the Ultra Glass contour bottle is designed to improve impact resistance, and reduce weight and cost. The innovative Ultra Glass bottles are 40 percent stronger, 20 percent lighter and 10 percent less expensive than traditional contour bottles. Use of the Ultra Glass design has eliminated 52,000 metric tons of glass — resulting in a CO2 reduction of 26,000 tons or the equivalent of planting 8,000 acres of trees. We continue to drive new innovations around bottle closures. We recently rolled out a short height closure that enables us to reduce plastic use from both the closure and bottle by approximately 5 percent. We also have driven material reduction advancements through development of closures without liners.

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