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While the probability that a UUID will be duplicated is not zero, it is close enough to zero to be negligible. Thus, anyone can create a UUID and use it to identify something with near certainty probability and random processes for electrical engineering pdf the identifier does not duplicate one that has already been, or will be, created to identify something else.

Information labeled with UUIDs by independent parties can therefore be later combined into a single database, or transmitted on the same channel, without needing to resolve conflicts between identifiers. Adoption of UUIDs and GUIDs is widespread, with many computing platforms providing support for generating them, and for parsing their textual representation. UUIDs, based on the previous standards and early versions of RFC 4122. These fields correspond to those in version 1 and 2 time-based UUIDs, but the same 8-4-4-4-12 representation is used for all UUIDs, even for UUIDs which are constructed differently. The binary encoding of UUIDs varies between systems. 7 octets are a 56-bit host ID in the form specified by the address family. Though different in detail, the similarity with modern version 1 UUIDs is evident.

The variant bits in the current UUID specification coincide with the high bits of the address family octet in NCS UUIDs. Though the address family could hold values in the range 0. 255, only the values 0. NCS UUIDs, should any still exist in databases. The other two variants, variants 1 and 2, are used by the current UUID specifications. In their textual representations, variants 1 and 2 are the same except for the variant bits. When byte swapping is required to convert between the big-endian byte order of variant 1 and the little-endian byte order of variant 2, the fields above define the swapping.

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The first three fields are unsigned 32- and 16-bit integers and are subject to swapping, while the last two fields consist of uninterpreted bytes, not subject to swapping. This byte swapping applies even for version 3, 4, and 5 UUID’s where the canonical fields do not correspond to the content of the UUID. 1 network byte-order UUIDs, rather than little-endian variant 2 UUIDs. The current version of the Microsoft guidgen tool produces standard variant 1 UUIDs.

RFC 4122 itself states that UUIDs “are also known as GUIDs”. All this suggests that “GUID”, while originally referring to a variant of UUID used by Microsoft, has become simply an alternative name for UUID, with both variant 1 and variant 2 GUIDs being extant. For both variants 1 and 2, five “versions” are defined in the standards, and each version may be more appropriate than the others in specific use cases. 60-bit timestamp is a signed quantity.

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