Pro sql server 2008 failover clustering pdf

James Baldwin pro sql server 2008 failover clustering pdf myself presented back at EMC World 2011 in Vegas. I’ve also added a lot of links and references for you to find the technical material necessary to accomplish plan and deployment activities.

Improved front end performance with more, smaller WFEs rather than few large WFEs. 8 physical cores for a medium sized farm is very generic and I don’t see that as a showstopper. I would suggest to wait for the next rev. Plan for USER LOAD peaks and not for systematic peaks.

Os derived from the search components of the farm. I would argue the suggested IOPS requirements apply to most environments. Depending on the diversity of workload. EMC VNX5300, SQL Database: 15K SAS, BLOB Store: 7.

Storage based replication can accelerate the failover process and can scale as your farm sotrage needs grow. SQL databases, and not all of them! While this is a great solution, that type of DR still involves manual failover, restart and configuration. There are several reference architectures we have successfully tested and published available on emc. I’ll keep updating that post based on feedback, updated findings and updated guidance from our friends at Microsoft. Hello again my virtual friends. Now when EMC world is behind I found the time for some tech updates.

This time, is about another solution we have tested leveraging EMC’s VPLEX Geo. SDRAM cache which can be distributed to a remote site while maintaining coherence. Crawl, 1 App and 1 SQL. WITHOUT a disruption of service using Live migration. SOLUTIONS and not just a couple of products proven to work on our storage arrays.

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