Principle of thermogravimetric analysis pdf

TGA analysis has been used to study the decomposition behavior of sorghum straw. The knowledge of kinetic parameters is essential for reactor design. Thermodynamic parameters are important for energy balances. The values of activation energy obtained from isoconversional methods were further used for evaluation of thermodynamic parameters, principle of thermogravimetric analysis pdf, entropy and Gibbs free energy.

Results showed three zones of pyrolysis having average activation energy values of 151. Valensi’ model for conversion values from 0 to 0. 988, and with third order reaction model for values from 0. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Thermo kinetic study of non-edible oil seeds at different heating rate was carried out.

Apparent activation energy for all the seeds were very near to each other. Heating rate was directly proportional to activation energy and pre-exponential factor. Pyrolysis of seeds follow endothermic and exothermic paths respectively. The relation between kinetic parameters and degradation rate was observed with respect to temperature and heating rate. The results indicated that the kinetic parameters were very close to each other and directly proportional to temperature and heating rate.