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The cost of spent fuel management, however, is somewhat uncertain. United States, which was the first nuclear power station to power a light bulb. England, opened on October 17, 1956. United Power robert greene pdf french, connected to the grid on December 18, 1957.

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The conversion to electrical energy takes place indirectly, as in conventional thermal power stations. The fission in a nuclear reactor heats the reactor coolant. After the steam turbine has expanded and partially condensed the steam, the remaining vapour is condensed in a condenser. The water is then pumped back into the steam generator and the cycle begins again.

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The nuclear reactor is the heart of the station. In its central part, the reactor core’s heat is generated by controlled nuclear fission. With this heat, a coolant is heated as it is pumped through the reactor and thereby removes the energy from the reactor. Nuclear reactors usually rely on uranium to fuel the chain reaction. Uranium is a very heavy metal that is abundant on Earth and is found in sea water as well as most rocks. Isotopes are atoms of the same element with a different number of neutrons. Thus, U-238 has 146 neutrons and U-235 has 143 neutrons.

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