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8 April 2005, six days after his death on 2 April. It is likely to have been one of the largest single gatherings of Christianity in history, with numbers estimated in excess of four million mourners gathering in Rome alone. Catholic Church in the 16th century. This was originally done to prevent the creation of forged, backdated documents, which would appear to have been approved by the late pope. Pope’s private bedroom and study.

This tradition originates from ruthless cardinals looting the papal chambers upon the death of past popes. The Pope’s formal death certificate was signed by the physician Renato Buzzonetti, Director of the Department of Health and Sanitation of Vatican City, on the evening of his death. Also, it was customary for popes to have their organs removed after death. 2, which he wore on his travels throughout the world. Basilica to pray before the exposed body. It remained there before a private ceremony of the placement of the body in a cypress casket, and then was brought outside into the Square for the funeral.

That Sunday service coincided with the celebration of the Feast of Divine Mercy, a memorial feast instituted by Pope John Paul II himself. Vatican officials and foreign dignitaries. During a period of private visitation Vatican officials and a contingent of officials from the Italian government viewed the body of John Paul II. He blessed the pope with the holy waters of baptism three times: to the right of the pope, at his head and then to his left.

Cardinal Martínez Somalo incensed the pope three times. By 6 April, a million people had seen John Paul II’s remains lying in state in St. An estimated total of four million people, in addition to the over three million residents of Rome, were expected to make the pilgrimage to see the pope. A procession of monks, priests and bishops paced slowly along a route towards St. The College of Cardinals trailed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and Cardinal Martínez Somalo followed them. Ora pro eo,” meaning “Pray for him. This is a departure from the traditional, “Pray for us” or “Ora pro nobis.

When the body of the pope was hoisted upon the steps of St. Peter’s Basilica, the Papal Gentlemen turned the bier and lifted the pope’s head to face the tens of thousands of people that filled St. Cardinal Martínez Somalo noted it as the pope’s symbolic last look at the devoted followers that had filled St. Peter’s Square throughout the papacy of John Paul II. The paschal candle was lit and the body of the Pope was incensed again by Cardinal Martínez Somalo.

Mass of Requiem and subsequent interment. The Papal Gentlemen carry the coffin into St. Dean of the College of Cardinals. He was also one of Pope John Paul II’s closest friends and carried out most of the Pope’s duties during his final illness. As the pope must be buried between the fourth and sixth day after his death, Friday was chosen as the last possible date. Peter’s Basilica was the first Mass of Requiem for a pope to be televised live in almost every nation in the world. Catholic Church claims only 1.