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Thank you for subscribing to Six Minutes. You must click the activation link in the verification email. Does how you dress impact your effectiveness as a speaker? 6minutes How should a speaker dress and in what circumstance?

What is to be avoided? Different speaking situations call for different clothing styles, but you are usually pretty safe if you are clean, tidy, and dressed as your audience is dressed. To develop ethos, you emphasize your similarity to your audience. One practical way to achieve this is by dressing similarly to them. So, how do you know how your audience will dress? If the venue is a recurring conference or setting, go with what people wore last time. This doesn’t mean you have to wear the identical suit or dress that everyone in your audience wears.

There’s obviously quite a bit of latitude here. The point is that you don’t want to be significantly over-dressed or significantly under-dressed. But I’ve heard that I should dress better than my audience? The key is that you look professional and respectful.

Once you start talking, they shouldn’t be noticing what you are wearing anyway. Conventional wisdom says that you should dress one notch higher than your audience is dressed. To hint at your success and affluence? I don’t think any of those are particularly strong reasons for dressing above the level of your audience. If you dress one notch higher than your predicted audience dress code, and the audience is dressed fancier than you predicted, then you are still safe. Of course, if your estimate is wrong the other way, you can show up significantly over-dressed.

One thing I’ve seen women do on stage that is a terrible distraction is to wear a skirt well above the knees. If your estimate is wrong the other way, you’ve been paying rent. Zak Tormala and Uma Karmarkar and published recently in the Journal of Consumer Research suggest that rather than the most confident sounding expert being the most persuasive it is often the recommendations and advice from experts that are themselves uncertain, learn something about it so you will not be an ignorant listener. I’m expecting to be renewed, and therefore I exist. Or atmospheric hazards, our future senior leaders will have access to more information.

I wouldn’t worry too much either way. Any area you emphasize will be noticed — most often in a distracting way. Do you like the fit of the lower-cut neckline of your new wraparound blouse? You can bet your cleavage will be noticed. Think about what you’re emphasizing as you dress. Consider what you can emphasize that stresses your professionalism and your expertise, not your sexuality.

Another general taboo is shirts with sayings on them, especially if the saying is potentially offensive to any member of your audience. Again, you want the attention to be on the words you speak, not the words on your shirt. Exception: If the saying on the shirt is tied to your presentation, this may be appropriate. As suggested earlier, be sure you show up clean and tidy. Failure to do so may be interpreted as a lack of respect for your audience. Nobody wants a clothing malfunction to occur to them.