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At the time, Japanese radio listeners were dependent on technology originating in the United States and Europe. Importing radio equipment and parts was a very forward-looking enterprise for Lux, and passersby often crowded the store to hear the inviting sounds of the radios on display. Lux Corporation later decided that, in order to compete effectively as a supplier, it had to not only sell equipment but manufacture parts in-house to reduce the costs of importing, beginning the creation of the Luxman brand. One of the traits of Luxman equipment from this era is the quality and warmth of vacuum tube sound, paired with powerful solid-state electronics and often beautiful, minimalist aesthetic designs. Atsushi Miura’s father was an audio engineer and was head of Luxman for many years in Japan. In the early 1980s Atsushi took over the reins from his father to run Luxman. Sensing the Japanese audio industry was heading towards cheaper mass-produced components and against the founding philosophy of Luxman, Atsushi sold Luxman to Alpine in 1984, before starting the Airtight audio brand.

Alpine, wishing to merge their home hi-fi divisions and Alpage brand with Luxman gear, took corporate actions which nearly bankrupted Luxman. This plan resulted in much confusion amongst consumers, as well as their perception of the brand’s values. Where Luxman’s reputation was in high-end and the often expensive markets, its new distributors had reputations for selling in budget and low-value markets, causing problems for existing dealers and consumers loyal to Luxman’s values. The second corporate mistake by Alpine was problems with product branding and poor product planning. While Alpine equipment was seen as “okay” and “acceptable” in most consumers’ eyes, Luxman was seen as a perfectionist and even elitist brand. Alpine and Luxman factories caused further confusion amongst consumers. This move totally destroyed the image and, ultimately, the sales of Luxman equipment, and the company ended up retreating from all its sales network worldwide except Japan.

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Alpine, due to all the troubles it experienced with the Luxman brand, sold it off in 1994. Since that time, the Luxman Corporation has been able to again indulge in its founding objectives, which is simply to create the best audiophile equipment in the world. 1925 – Lux Corporation founded in Kinsuido Picture Frame Store. Kinsuido Radio Book published – “Read it once and you’re a radio expert,” runs the blurb to the book that eventually went through 14 editions, helping to promote radios and phonographs in early days. 1928 LUX-735 Radio Set with Magnetic Speaker. 1952 OY-15 Output Transformer – Lux markets OY-Type transformers, high-regulation power-supply transformers, and many others.

All received popular acclaim for delivering the highest performance on the market. 45 stereo record makes its debut. 1958 MA-7A Mono Vacuum-Tube Amplifier. The MA-7A becomes the first fully assembled mono hi-fi power amp marketed by Lux after the war. 1961 SQ-5A Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier. One of the earliest stereo integrated amplifiers, the SQ-5A proved a hit because of its unique design incorporating a metre and also because of the high-quality sound it delivers. It featured the Lux’s unique tone control circuit, still found in current models.