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It has been called one of the “most dangerous and violent cults America had ever seen. Those suffering from addictions to illegal drugs, besides alcohol, were considered to be significantly different from alcoholics, and therefore were not accepted into A. He was said to have coined the phrase “today is the first day of the rest of your life. Synanon began as a two-year residential program, but Dederich soon concluded that its members could never graduate, because a full recovery was impossible. The program was based on testimony of fellow group members about their tribulations and urges of relapsing, and the journey to recovery.

Synanon differed from Alcoholics Anonymous in that it aided both drug-users and drinkers. The Synanon organization also developed a business that sold promotional items. In the early 1960s Charles was able to utilize the media and his Hollywood associates to promote his organization. Outsiders were permitted to attend the “Synanon Game” there as well. Children were reared communally in the Synanon School, and juveniles were often ordered to enroll in Synanon by California’s courts. Professionals, even those without drug addictions, were invited to join Synanon. 1962 and lived there in 1963 and wrote a book about his experiences.

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