Pdf social capital to analyze mental health in domestic violence

Neighborhood ethnic density pdf social capital to analyze mental health in domestic violence negatively associated with mental health. Social cohesion partially mediates ethnic density and mental health associations. Ethnic density, social cohesion, and mental health path is negative among Asians.

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Ethnic density, social cohesion, and mental health path is positive among Latinos. Social cohesion fully mediates poverty and mental health associations among Latinos. This study examines the associations of neighborhood ethnic density and poverty with social cohesion and self-rated mental health among Asian Americans and Latinos. Findings reveal that neighborhood ethnic density relates to poor mental health in both groups. Social cohesion partially mediates that structural relationship, but is positively related to ethnic density among Latinos and negatively related to ethnic density among Asian Americans. Although higher neighborhood poverty is negatively associated with mental health for both groups, the relationship does not hold in the path models after accounting for social cohesion and covariates.

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Furthermore, social cohesion fully mediates the association between neighborhood poverty and mental health among Latinos. This study highlights the necessity of reconceptualizing existing theories of social relationships to reflect complex and nuanced mechanisms linking neighborhood structure and mental health for diverse racial and ethnic groups. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Muslim fraternity based at the University of Texas at Dallas, stood up against domestic violence as Muslims and as men of Dallas. Other interpretations of the verse claim it does not support hitting a woman, but separating from her. Domestic violence among the Muslim community is considered a complicated humans right issue due to varying legal remedies for women by the nations in which they live, the extent to which they have support or opportunities to divorce their husbands, cultural stigma to hide evidence of abuse, and inability to have abuse recognized by police or the judicial system in some Muslim nations. It used is as a strong form of control and oppression.