Pdf of new york collapse

Unsourced pdf of new york collapse may be challenged and removed. Owen Road rapidly collapsed, trapping 50 people beneath the rubble. Seventeen people were rescued, whilst 33 were killed.

1971 and consisted of six stories and a basement garage. A nightclub, Universal Neptune Nite-Club and Restaurant, was also situated on the second level of the building at the time of the collapse. 30 August 1975, the day after the poisonous gas leak was reported. Witnesses reported hearing an explosion prior to the collapse, but the police ruled out the possibility of a bomb attack. A gas explosion was thought to be a possible cause. Immediately after the collapse, as many as 300 were feared trapped underneath the debris.

60, including 26 hotel staff and 16 bank staff unaccounted for. The figure was finally put at 50 when the official death toll was announced on 22 March 1986 after the end of the rescue effort. Amongst those killed, 23 were Singaporeans, and the other ten foreigners. After the collapse, many passers-by began to try pulling out survivors. A nearby business, Eagle Piano Company, became a centre for the rescue operation.

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As there were survivors buried in the rubble, the rescue was a delicate operation. Debris was carefully removed as power saws and drills cut through the rubble. Sound detectors were used to locate survivors beneath the slabs by picking up faint moans and cries. In the first 12 hours, nine people were rescued. Mass Rapid Transit, including Thomas “Tommy” Gallagher, Thomas Mulleary, Patrick “PJ” Gallagher, Michael Prendergast, Michael “Mickey” Scott, and Tan Jin Thong, offered to assist. They became concerned that the use of heavy machinery would collapse the rubble onto those trapped.

Their voluntary efforts, digging 4 tunnels under the rubble, resulted in the rescue of another eight survivors. The tunnelling experts were later honoured by the Singapore government for their efforts. Thomas Mulleary was also nominated for an O. E for his rescue work but refused the prestigious honour when the rest of rescue squad were not included.