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Further documentation is available here. The study of the face and the ability to alter its form have fascinated mankind for thousands of years. The clinical ability pdf genetic facial golden ratio alter dentofacial form, whether through orthodontics, facial growth modification, or surgery, requires an understanding of facial beauty, including the evaluation of facial esthetics, proportions, and symmetry. The purposes of this article were to give a brief contemporary overview of our concepts of facial beauty and esthetics and to consider a long-standing and controversial debate on the treatment of patients with dentofacial deformities.

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Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. 2006 American Association of Orthodontists. Trisomy 18, the second most common autosomal trisomy, is associated with multiple severe structural defects. Most fetuses of trisomy 18 can have one or more sonographically detectable structural abnormalities. This article provides an overview of the common sonographic features of the fetal trisomy 18, with major and minor structural abnormalities including cardiac anomalies, malformations of the central nervous system, facial anomalies, gastrointestinal anomalies, limb anomalies, intrauterine growth restriction, choroid plexus cysts and increased nuchal translucency or cystic hygroma. Several diseases may have phenotypic overlaps with trisomy 18 syndrome, including trisomy 18-like syndrome, Pena-Shokeir syndrome type I and arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. In addition, sex bias is significantly observed in trisomy 18 live births, and prenatal selection against male fetuses has been documented to be associated with more complex congenital anomalies.

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