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It aims at removing the traditional barriers between readers and writers by building social communities around stories. Its model not only works for amateur writers, but for established writers as well. Wattpad provides the writers with an opportunity to write, promote and help pdf copies of wattpad stories work reach across a wide and varied audience of more than a million users. The users are actively engaged in the entire process and are able to directly interact with the writers and share their opinions with fellow readers.

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To help these stories reach a larger part of the community, a number of Wattpad users are volunteering their time to translate stories. Wattpad originated in 2006, as the result of a collaboration between Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen. According to a June 2009 Wattpad press release, the mobile application had been downloaded over 5 million times. In December 2015, Windows Phone 8.

1 and Windows 10 Mobile Version was released. 70M in funding from investors. 3M from a group of venture funds led by Khosla Ventures. 46M in Series C funding led by OMERS ventures. In December 2011, Toronto-based Wattpad was selected as the hottest Digital Media company in the country at the Canadian Innovation Exchange. Other publishers from the Philippines also publish stories from Wattpad. Wattpad stories turned into TV dramas.

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Wattpad stories aired on the show are usually those that were published by LIB Publishing. The movie adaptation was produced by ABS-CBN’s film production arm, Star Cinema. Wattpad story “The Bet” by Ilurvbooks. Also, Chasing Red was published by a wattled user which got more than 10 million views. In February 2015, Wattpad launched a second standalone app called “After Dark”.

The app focuses specifically on the romance genre and is intended for adult readers. The app was an early success, with over 240 million taps in the first few weeks after the launch. On July 28, 2017, Tap launched ‘Tap Originals’, a series of original stories produced by its top-tier writers every single week, with some of those series working on an episode-by-episode basis. The most frequently voted stories appear on the “What’s Hot List”. According to the profiles visible on the site, many of these authors are teenagers. Wattpad section also has a Featured Story list, which promotes content reviewed and approved by staff and an editorial review board. Many of these featured stories are written by self-published and professional writers from different genres.