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Most games divide their statistics into several categories. The set of categories actually used in a game system, as well as the precise statistics within each category, vary greatly. In game terms, these often grant the character the potential to gain or develop certain advantages or to learn and use certain skills. Attribute advancement screen in a computer role-playing game.

Most games try to give all attributes about the same usefulness to a character. Disadvantages also add flavor to a character that can’t be obtained solely by a list of positive traits. Advantages and disadvantages often have a thematic element to them. They often provide a direct relationship between how someone wants to role-play their character and a tangible “in-game” enhancement to skill or ability rolls. As a result, characters were at the same time wildly unbalanced in terms of attributes and heavily constrained in terms of skills. These points are known as character points.

Usually, a player is allotted a number of points for character creation. More powerful abilities or a greater degree of power will require more “spending” of character points. Later, character points can be earned and spent to improve attributes or skills, or to buy new skills or powers. Superpowers may also use the same rating scale as the primary statistics.

A character may have a fixed number of starting skills, or they may be paid for using character points. Since some skills are likely to be more useful than others, different skills often have different costs. Skills usually influence a character’s chance to succeed by adding to the relevant attribute. Choosing a profession then conveyed a bank of general skills and guild specific ones each containing a ladder of skills which could be invested in via lessons earned through on-line play. Initially there were around 30 such skills with approximately 17 abilities in each covering a wide range from Riding, Perception, Thievery or Demonology. As of 2015 Avalon possesses 66 Skills with a staggering 2194 distinct abilities developed over its 26-year tenure. They often represent a single capability of the character such as the weight a character can lift, or the speed at which they can move.

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Some games define various interdependencies between statistics of different categories, as well as within categories. For example, a character class may require certain minimum attribute scores, or a spell may require a minimal level of magical talent. Higher scores in an attribute often grant bonuses to a group of skills. This page was last edited on 30 December 2017, at 01:42. Tracks the Usage Share of Search Engines, Browsers and Operating Systems including Mobile from over 10 billion monthly page views. We respect your privacy and will never share your email address with any third party.

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