Patterns of world history volume 2 pdf

Structural cortical network of PD. Disrupted global topological patterns of world history volume 2 pdf in PD. Disrupted regional topological profiles in PD. However, the notion that PD is related to abnormal functional and structural connectivity has received support in the past few years.

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Then, the small world properties of brain networks were assessed in the structural networks that were constructed based on cortical volume data. Our results showed that both the PD and NC groups had a small world architecture in brain structural networks. However, the PD patients had a higher characteristic path length and clustering coefficients compared with the NC group. With regard to the nodal centrality, 11 regions, including 3 association cortices, 5 paralimbic cortices, and 3 subcortical regions were identified as hubs in the PD group. In contrast, 10 regions, including 7 association cortical regions, 2 paralimbic cortical regions, and the primary motor cortex region, were identified as hubs. Moreover, the regional centrality was profoundly affected in PD patients, including decreased nodal centrality in the right inferior occipital gyrus and the middle temporal gyrus and increased nodal centrality in the right amygdala, the left caudate and the superior temporal gyrus. In addition, the structural cortical network of PD showed reduced topological stability for targeted attacks.

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