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This article is about the Marvel Comics character. Frost appeared as an X-Men villain over the years. Emma predominantly appeared p2 demon queen’s enclave pdf her Hellions. Sandu Florea, and Randy Elliott ending the series.

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Using Frost as a character was suggested to writer Grant Morrison on his website by a fan. While Morrison initially had no plans to use her, the death of the character Colossus left Morrison with an opening. Colossus’ powers and added her to the cast. Subsequently, Frost joined the X-Men.

The series, which lasted for 18 issues, began during her days as a private school student and ended before her days as a Hellfire Club member. It expanded on the role of her father Winston and her brother Christian, also exploring the early days of her two sisters. She was a major character in the ongoing series, specifically during its third arc, “Torn,” in which the authenticity of her allegiance to the X-Men was explored. Frost details a time she spent in a mental institution after being sent there by her parents. Frost’s early years differently, having her leave home and attend college. Hellfire Club before rising to the rank of White Queen. X-Men along with other characters introduced in the series.