Outlaws of marsh chinese pdf

Map of Song Outlaws of marsh chinese pdf’s uprising in the history. He ranks 1st of the 36 Heavenly Spirits of the 108 Liangshan heroes and is nicknamed “Protector of Justice”.

His place of birth and where he had been active are in dispute. Song Jiang rallied some fugitives to form a bandit army and they attacked travellers on the roads of Shandong. Government troops number tens of thousands but none dared to oppose him. His abilities must be extraordinary. Qingxi, why not grant Song Jiang and his men amnesty and allow them to lead a campaign against Fang La to redeem themselves? It states: “Zhang Shuye asked his scouts where they had gone.

They said that the bandits had made their way to the coast and seized control of ten huge vessels. He recruited 1,000 men and planted an ambush in a nearby city. Next, he sent skirmishers to lure the bandits into battle. The best foot soldiers were stationed by the coast. When the armies clashed, the bandits’ ships were then burnt.

When the bandits heard that, they lost their will to fight. The army lying in ambush then attacked and captured many of the bandits. The eventual fate of the historical Song Jiang is unknown after surrendered to the government. 36 companions of Song Jiang. His reputation for being filial, chivalrous and generous, along with his dark complexion, earn him the nicknames “Timely Rain”, “Filial and Righteous Dark Third Son”, and “Dark Song Jiang”. He is known to be well-versed in scholarly and martial arts. Imperial Tutor, in the capital and are wanted by the authorities after their identities are uncovered.

Song Jiang distracts the constable He Tao who has come to Yuncheng to obtain an arrest warrant and rushes to the village to warn Chao Gai and his six friends that He Tao and a group of soldiers are on the way to arrest them. Although Yan Poxi never loved Song Jiang, the couple gets along without problems initially. Over time, however, Yan Poxi comes to despise Song, as he has distanced himself from her. She falls in love with Zhang Wenyuan, Song Jiang’s assistant, and begins an adulterous affair with him. Meanwhile, Chao Gai writes Song Jiang a letter and sends him some gold pieces to express his gratitude for helping him and his friends escape. However, Yan Poxi discovers the letter and learns of Song Jiang’s relationship with the outlaws.

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