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It is named after one operating system and its functions pdf its developers, Dick Pick. Being hash-file oriented, Pick provides efficiency in data access time. Today a Pick system can also natively access host files in Windows or Unix in any format. A Pick database is divided into one or more accounts, master dictionaries, dictionaries, files and sub-files, each of which is a hash-table oriented file.

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These files contain records made up of fields, sub-fields and sub-sub-fields. All elements are variable-length, with field and values marked off by special delimiters, so that any file, record, or field may contain any number of entries of the lower level of entity. The master dictionary is similar to a directory in that it stores pointers to other dictionaries, files and executable programs. The master dictionary also contains the command-line language.

This uniformity is exploited throughout the system, both by system functions, and by the system administration commands. For example, the ‘find’ command will find and report the occurrence of a word or phrase in a file, and can operate on any account, dictionary, file or sub-file. Each record must have a unique, primary key which determines where in a file that record is stored. Within a bucket, records are scanned sequentially.