Ones true colors cards pdf

Without standardization, changes are irrelevant because the underlying conditions upon which they were based are unlikely to be repeated. Without standardization, nothing is ever done the ones true colors cards pdf way twice.

The absence of management standardization is more subtle, but presents every bit the problem that comes from having undefined processes. They don’t know where to go for answers, and they don’t know how to go about getting help. When junior managers are chasing their tails, they are not leading. Consider the basic Lean tools, and think about how many of them would be still effective without standardization. The meaning of the colors is standardized, and in all likelihood, the responses are as well. The cards themselves must be standardized in their look and the information contained on it.

This structured way to manage workload requires standardization to be used effectively. But standardization is not just present on the job. Get in your car and think of all the things that are standardized. Rules of the road are standard across the country. The controls in a car are generally standard. No manufacturer decides to put the brake on the right and the gas on the left.

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The most embedded form of standardization in our lives though, by far, is the concept of money. It creates a standard unit against which all else is judged. A dollar is a dollar anywhere in the U. That standardization is the driver of the whole economy. Imagine how hard anything would be if you had to, for example, convert cows to cans of soda.