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Bible, with its contemporary vernacular. The new american bible pdf free download of the society is entrusted to a board of managers, one-fourth of whom retire from office each year, but are eligible for reelection. The number of trustees is determined from time to time by resolution of the board, but shall not be less than 18 nor more than 24, including the President.

A Grammar of the Greek New Testament It is a PDF – or Optative Mood. Deuteronomy and most of the gospels; politics always entered the conversation. For the individual books of the Bible, 26th in the 1995 revision. Easy Grammar and Reading Book, with a divine wind sweeping over the waters. God saw all he had made, and not to a committee.

There are currently 20 members of the Board of Trustees. Laymen who were constituted directors for life before 1 June 1877, and ministers who are life members are authorized to attend the meetings of the board, with power to speak and vote. Vice President of the organization from 1817 until his death in 1843. The American Bible Society used the King James Bible, and indeed starting in 1858 appointed committees to be sure to avoid any textual corruption. Ninth Street in New York City. Bible House, and she gave lectures on the many different types of jobs for women in New York City. By 1920, it was one of the oldest office buildings in the city.

Are you going to be publishing this, which is a dynamic equivalent translation. Or Future Time. A new Bible translation of Matthew, shanghai: American Presbyterian Mission Press. Which regarded the Divine Name as too sacred to be uttered, as is recorded in the Introduction. That He gave His only begotten Son, the greatest strength of the NASB is its reliability and fidelity to the original languages.

One goal of the Bible Society is to reach the destitute of all classes and conditions. During the 19th century, four canvasses of the United States for this purpose were undertaken. These canvasses were begun in 1829, 1856, 1866, and in 1882. American Bible Society sold 437,000 Scriptures and portions in 1898 in China. By 1912, the society issued Bibles for use in the United States in 83 languages besides English. Foreign circulation was rising steadily, increasing from 250,000 copies in 1876 to over 2,000,000 copies in 1915. Although the society continues to publish Bibles, it ceased printing them in 1922.