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A mathematical model of the spread naturally arising awareness pdf free disease and awareness is considered. Effects of vaccination and the awareness delay are investigated.

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Stability of all steady states is determined depending on system parameters. Numerical bifurcation analysis and simulations are performed to support analytical results. This paper investigates the effects of vaccination on the dynamics of infectious disease, which is spreading in a population concurrently with awareness. The model considers contributions to the overall awareness from a global information campaign, direct contacts between unaware and aware individuals, and reported cases of infection. It is assumed that there is some time delay between individuals becoming aware and modifying their behaviour. Vaccination is administered to newborns, as well as to aware individuals, and it is further assumed that vaccine-induced immunity may wane with time. Feasibility and stability of the disease-free and endemic equilibria are studied analytically, and conditions for the Hopf bifurcation of the endemic steady state are found in terms of system parameters and the time delay.

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