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Aki Sora Japanese Vol 1 Cover. July 30, 2010, and the second part nami family to family pdf on November 17, 2010. Ever since he was a young child, Sora Aoi had always exchanged words of “I love you” with his attractive older sister Aki.

Now, as he comes of age, he finds it much harder to exchange such comforts as they did in those simpler times. When Aki demonstrates her feelings toward him to go beyond a sister’s love, Sora finds himself questioning his feelings for his sister. Realizing their affection for one another, they consummate their love in secret. In a society that would never understand, they must now keep their love a secret from their family and everyone they know. However, Sora soon finds himself exploring many forms of love with different kinds of women he met that is not accepted by society thus questioning his feelings for his sister.

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Sora is the protagonist of this story. He studies in the same high school as his sisters, Aki and Nami. Unlike his sisters, he is good at cooking and housework. Due to his upbringing without a father or any male figure in the household, as well as questionably awkward relationships with his sisters, Sora was raised with virtually no masculinity of any kind. Almost all of his postures, behavior, and mannerisms are those typically expected from a shy girl.