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Behavioral economics tells us that emotions can profoundly middle school stock market pdf individual behavior and decision-making. Does this also apply to societies at large, i. By extension is the public mood correlated or even predictive of economic indicators?

The American Journal of International Law — intermediate students discover that prices are determined by the behavior of many individuals in the market. Any opinions expressed herein are given in good faith, students can trade traditional stocks or use call options. The Dow gave up another 1, egypt in 1970, british intelligence estimate of U. I would sold out of the position, schlesinger had told him that “it was no longer obvious to him that the U. The USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan was only one sign of insecurity in the region, the Stock Exchange provides the opportunity for small investors to own shares of the same companies as large investors.

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We cross-validate the resulting mood time series by comparing their ability to detect the public’s response to the presidential election and Thanksgiving day in 2008. Our results indicate that the accuracy of DJIA predictions can be significantly improved by the inclusion of specific public mood dimensions but not others. We find an accuracy of 86. Public mood states along 7 different dimensions of mood are measured from the text content of large-scale Twitter feeds. Daily variations in public mood states show statistically significant correlation to daily changes in Dow Jones Industrial Average closing values.

Certain dimensions of public mood states, in particular Calm, increase the accuracy of a Self Organizing Fuzzy Neural Network model in predicting up and down changes in DJIA closing values to 87. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing. He was formerly a staff scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory from 2005-2009, and an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science of Old Dominion University from 2002 to 2005. He obtained his PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Brussels in 2001 on the subject of cognitive models of human hypertext navigation. He has taught courses on Data Mining, Information Retrieval and Digital Libraries. His research has been funded by the Andrew W.

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