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It is the largest insurance marine insurance book pdf download free in South Korea and a Fortune Global 500 company. Samsung Life was a private company from its foundation in 1957 until it went public in May 2010.

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The IPO was the largest in South Korean history and made Samsung Life one of the country’s most valuable companies measured by market capitalization. Its headquarters are situated across from Namdaemun, a historic gate located in the heart of Seoul. Founded in 1957, the company quickly grew and attained a market leading position after just 18 months of operations. Since then, Samsung Life Insurance has maintained its market leadership in the industry through product innovation, marketing, and distribution. In particular, the growth was accelerated after the company was incorporated under Samsung Group in 1963. In 1986, the company opened representative offices in New York and Tokyo.

It has also expanded in overseas operation through a joint venture in Thailand in 1997 and China in 2005. The company was the first life insurance company in Korea to achieve KRW 100 Trillion Won in assets in 2006. This page was last edited on 11 September 2017, at 09:44. Maritime and Coastguard Agency – GOV.